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The ING Group (Dutch: ING Groep) is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam. Its primary businesses are retail banking, direct banking, commercial banking, investment banking, wholesale banking, private banking, asset management, and insurance services. With total assets of US$1.1 trillion, it is one of the biggest banks in the world.

A former employee said, "ING is an awful place to work. They basically train you to sell yourself to friends and family. They prey on recent college grads. The training program is ridiculous."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- If you are not in a clique, you are forced out of the company. Often times, they will not fire people, but will make their lives unbearable until they quit or be "beat up" every day - Many people on the management team are not as knowledgeable as the people that report to them; there were multiple instances that my "manager" gave me inaccurate or illegal advice - People will little to no experience are hired at greater salaries than those that have a considerable amount of experience - There are so many parties thrown by this company and most include a LOT of alcohol; if you are not willing to be drunk at most functions, you will be cast out quickly - Managers unfairly rate their employees as poor with no accurate proof of poor performance; I've seen more than one occasion that someone had excellent 360 ratings, but then were told they were not able to build relationships with clients - Money is wasted at an alarming rate - parties, dinners, happy hours, unnecessary travel, training expenses, etc. I attended the same week-long training three times because of poor planning. - Extra effort is not rewarded. It seems that the only folks that are rewarded for their work are the ones that do the bare minimum to get by - Lack of consistency in treatment of employees - some have unlimited time off, unlimited flexibility and are able to pick and choose what work they will do - Systems are antiquated and promises to "fix" them never come to fruition"

Former Employee - Scrum Master says

"IT management is worst at its best. ING mid/sr management always lie about their success. Hope Capital One realizes soon and fires those management folks. They pretend and propagate to deliver quickly and the reality is poor quality. Their AGILE adoption sucks. If you are not their "yes sir" person, you will be kicked out. doesn't matter how good you are. No work-life balance. You are expected to work for more than 10 hrs. You are always expected to answer managers phone calls or respond to emails. You will be interrogated (yes)and your phone will be checked to make sure you are not lying. On the other side, working with capital management is very different and they behave like a true enterprise company."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"all they care about is how much money you can make them. if you don't make them enough they will fire you. their turn over rate is 87% steer clear of them please!!!"

Former Employee - Applications Support II says

"Low pay No growth opportunities (unless you are friends with senior management) Favoritism and Cronyism High School Atmosphere Management exhibiting unprofessional behavior towards employees and lack of moral values"

Current Employee - Fraud Prevention Analyst says

"Terrible Pay Little opportunity for advancement Poor managerial communication You have to work on Sundays"

Sales Associate says

"Brainwashed atmosphere. Can not just be a good worker, must be a good environmental fit. They say that you will do the work of two people. You do this work, but overall the employees are under-compensated. High sales turnover rate. Bank must be sold by 2013, no job security."

Associate Consultant says

"Management need to open to new and fresh ideas, and allow people who want to grow the opportunity."


"They have work by unethical business practices and favor SALES while treated other employees as second rate. Managers are incompotent and never there when you need assistance; coworkers (most) are even more incompotent; they are continuing to require more of their workers while denying them pay increases and lowering their bonuses each year."

Sales Associate (Former) says

"Overall, I wouldn't say the management really knows how to instill a performance based culture. There were communication problems from the top down. Overall, I would say morale is relatively low among the average employee in the building. I understand the need to adapt to changes in this ever changing market, but I do feel that many times management would shoot from the hip and then contradict itself quickly."

IT Dev Ops says

"No work from home policy Remuneration 15-20% less than market No appreciation of performance Nil career opportunities (After two rounds of interviews you are told that you're rejected as there were a lot of applying for this position) Rubbish & abusive management. No training provided Deliberate put down and rejection policies to make you work harder"

Marchy Emadi says

"Hello everybody,they closed my account 1 month ago with out they inform me,,after lots of calling they always gave me answer but not clear,the bad things I was in isolation because of corona virus ?,still I did not receive my money ."

KC says

"They send me a letter they block my account and they ask me to send them my new bank account to another bank so they can transfer money my to my new bank..i call them many times tell told me next week your money will transfer to your new bank almost 1 month now my money still in there bank not yet transfer"

pop guy says

"Absolutely appalling. After spending years with them, basically in a happy relationship, I receive a letter out of the blue stating they are closing down my account. Trying to get hold of them over the phone has been another endless process. When I finally manage, they vaguely mention it's PERHAPS related to some belated update of my ids (perhaps?? - what kind of a mickey mouse reply is this?). Should it even be - and it may - is this a reason to close a bank account??. Tried for weeks to get in touch again, when I finally manage, the operator says they need not provide any kind of justification as to why my account is being closed, It's closed, thank you very much, goodbye."

Cinema Roma says

"Very bad bank!!! don't trust them, they blocked my account without notice and reason. still, they didn't give me back my money!!! stolen!!!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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